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Amazing adventures at Best Buy

posted on December 21st, 2006 by jay

Last night I went to Best Buy with the intention of buying a portable RPG for my upcoming plane ride to England. I chose that particular store because it is close to home and closes late, not because it doesn’t suck. Looking for Contact for the DS, I had a myriad of experiences that I’d like to now share with you.

– The PS3 demo kiosk is not working. Some racing game is stuck at the course selection screen and there is a short loop of bad heavy rock music playing. This same game crashed at the same spot at the same Best Buy a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if that store got a bad kiosk or if all the kiosks are that awesome. I do know I’m not closer to spending a months rent on PS3, though.

– I watched someone play the new Sonic game on the 360. He repeatedly fell to his death. Sonic runs very fast but the levels have a lot of dead ends and nooks to get stuck in, not to mention endless endless pits. Not having played the game it’s probably a bad idea to review it, but it sure looks like it sucks.

– A Best Buy employee was doing his best to sell Dirge of Cerberus to a mother who obviously didn’t have a clue about games. I overheard him say, “the great thing about this game is…” Unless he ended that sentence with “how gracefully it flies through the air and into walls,” I think he may have been deceiving her.

– Finally, there was a dearth of worthwhile GBA games. I was contemplating picking up Summon Nights 2 and Super Robot Taisen 2 if the drawings on the cases were pretty enough, but I found neither. Instead, titles like Dogz, Barbie Secret some stupid crap, Unfabulous, and Catz littered the racks. At least they had Contact.


  1. Matt said on December 21, 2006:

    Hahaha, oh Catz, what I could tell you about that game….

  2. GoldenJew said on December 23, 2006:

    Unless it’s a commodity game you know will be there, I can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed a trip to Best Buy.  

  3. matt said on December 23, 2006:

    I actually like Best Buy a lot. It has some great sales, and is filled with multitudes of electronics goodness. 

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