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Consoles have come and gone, hardware market leaders have become laughing stocks and whole game series have gone from groundbreaking innovation to tired old rehash. Yet one thing has always remained constant in modern gaming: Capcom will remake the original Resident Evil. However, today no reports have come from Capcom on any kind of planned remake causing some to speculate that there won’t be one for up to quite a while.

In 1996 Resident Evil was released on the Sony PlayStation to widespread acclaim and simultaneously gave birth to the survival horror genre (paradoxically, before the earlier released Alone In the Dark). The game then went from strength to strength: with a director’s cut for the PS and a port to the Saturn and the PC in 1997. The game then saw a remake on the Gamecube in 2002, which, at the time many gamers and industry top dogs saw as a risky move. Tampering with the game that had worked so well on a number of platforms in a completely unchanged state ran the risk or alienating Resident Evil fans and attracting a new generation of fans. Yet the game was a success.

Fans of Resident Evil were further appeased with a DS version of Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, and a Resident Evil chapter in the light gun Wiimake of the Gamecube remake: Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. The game also spawned some lesser sequels: Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 and the prequel, Resident Evil Zero which, despite bringing some unwanted innovation to the series, saw virtually no success outside of Japan.

With no announcement today of another Resident Evil remake, employees at Capcom have been doing some serious soul searching. Our inside source at Capcom HQ had the following to say, ‘Daily there are rumours abound that we won’t be remaking Resident Evil soon. Some of the higher-ups are saying that this situation may persist for some time. This radical move has left many fearing for their jobs and the overall new direction the company may be taking. At Capcom we have some of the best remakers of Resident Evil in the world. We [in the Slightly Tweaking Monster Hunter department at Capcom] are relatively secure in our jobs but I can’t imagine how the guys in the Remaking Resident Evil department are feeling about the whole thing.’

Former child star of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero, Rebecca Chambers, had the following to add, ‘Some of us get lucky starring in prequels or utterly bizarre Game Boy spin-offs like Barry [Burton] but I feel for the other members of Alpha and Bravo team. They die in Resident Evil so it’s not as if they can appear in later sequels and we can’t prequalise a prequel or remake a prequel if the sequel isn’t being remade’.

The recent release of the awful CGI film Resident Evil Degeneration starring the lesser known characters from Resident Evil 2, and the announcement of the upcoming light gun wiimake of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, have led many internet posters to speculate that the day of Resident Evil remakes may be over. It is thought that Capcom may be trying to bring the lesser known Resident Evil 2 to a wider audience by remaking it instead of remaking Resident Evil.

Financial advisers to Capcom are claiming the move is ‘madness’ especially in the midst of an economic crisis. With no new announcement of a Resident Evil remake today and at least two current generation platforms without a Resident Evil remake some say the future of the company looks “grave”.

With no new remakes of Resident Evil announced, this website is inclined to agree that, after the potential 2009 Western release of the currently Japan-only Wiimake of the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil for the Wii, we may not see another Resident Evil remake until next next gen or even next next next gen.


  1. christian said on May 2, 2009:

    Thank goodness for no more RE1 remakes. The ‘cube version is the only one I’ll ever need.

  2. lappyhunt said on May 17, 2009:

    GOD ur fucking retarded! first of all, resident evil 2 has really well known characters, perhaps a couple of the best known, much more known that dumb ass rebecca! Second of all, No one on earth wants ANother fucking remake of the first but you, we all would like to see a remake of 2 3 or CV! Why the hell would you wanna play basically the same game 3 fucking times? & the CGI film degeneration, is a billion times better than the actualy movies, do urself a favor and stop write blogs dumb fuck, you dont have people readin with agreement, your pissing them all off with your mental retardation!

  3. Cunzy1 1 said on May 18, 2009:

    Oh fucking christ. Lappyhunt you made my week you dumb cunt.

  4. Gully said on June 9, 2009:

    Lappyhunt, I love you for what you’ve just said

  5. RE2 oldskooler said on January 16, 2011:

    First of all massive “LOL”! LappyHunt your post put a huge grin on my face haha! You are like the side of me I want to be after reading cunzy11 fucking ridiculus post but most people counter attack flaming so i am constructing my comment for “wrapped up in cotton” public lol. Right first off i am a HUGE HUGE fan of RE mostly the older titles 1 to CV and the thing about todays generation and its money orientated mainstream views and the fact that hollywood has a fucking hold on everything, little idiots (possible cunzy 11 is one because he sounds like it ) think that RE4 and 5 run and gun style gameplay is the way RE should be. FUKING BULLSHIT! You little justin biebers wernt a twitch in your dads nutsack when the Ps1 and RE first came around , let me tell you back then everything wasnt autotune music stars,iphones and slow motion explosion in everthing, RE was ahead of its time back then pre rendered texture mapping, “bad” pre set camera angles (which were like that for the for the horror ambience of hearing a zombie but to terrified to walk around the corner) tricky puzzles and amazing characters in story (not so much great voice acting but hey beggers cant be chooser’s) was the new style of gameplay gripping the our generation it was a gem of our time so a think us oldskoolers should get the majority votas on what should change if RE2 gets a remake , not the fucking hollywood loving action junkies go and play call of duty you fucking brainless morons ! Anyway yeah this post really was a fuking joke resident evil 2 WAS AND STILL IS the best RE. And that wont change it had record breaking sales in europe and can remeber a huge cue down a high street at Virgin games( know known as Game or gamestation in the uk) so dont go following your on press your just a newbie to “i think its Re??” games now a days. Another thing Degeneration had a huge turn out and a god send to true RE fans, still get butterflys when aa remeber back to the teaser and seeing claire and leon then near the end of the trailer the labratory evact choon started a was like :O 😀 ! Yeah so this is my rant resident evil 2 and everything about it is one of the most know RE games from fans tocasual people who have never really played and also the most well know game and gamecontent out of all games as well oh yeah and FYI resident evil1 started as a B-game project wasnt a big hit until Resident evil 2 was confirmed for released FACT! So get you and your newbie ass off commenting on resident evil 2 you dont have the right to defile this great title with your lack of knowledge and you sound like a next gen RE fan so that instantlly bars you from ever being taken serios when it comes to matters on RE2. YOU my friend are a TOOL. that is all, keep thd oldskool spirit alive fellow true RE fans YOU ARE GREAT PEOPLE :)

  6. christian said on January 16, 2011:

    Bravo. I still enjoy re1 the most.

  7. RE2 oldskooler said on January 19, 2011:

    Thank you for your support :) Yeah I love RE1 as well 😀 clearly I love RE2 the best, but the point I am getting across is this critic that feels the need to write about something that he has very little knowledge about and I hate people like him and most of all the blog writers that are not real fans of a certain subject then write bullshit about it lol, if they want to write a blog fair do’s but they could at least get the facts right about the games before hand :), it pisses real fans like us people when someone like him is writing this dribble lol

  8. Scriven03 said on February 19, 2011:

    Hmm. I clicked on this link because it claimed to have “breaking news” with regards to the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 (The greatest entry in the series). Instead I find a blog written by some no nothing turd making dumb arse claims about having “insiders” in Capcom and stating quotes from fictional characters (yes Rebecca Chambers is fictional).

    FYI cunzy11. Leon and Claire are hugely popular characters within the RE fan-base. Far more popular than Chris and Jill and Degeneration was hugely successful, completely dominating the awful RE movies in terms or popularity and sales

  9. Cunzy1 1 said on February 21, 2011:

    @Scriven03 Check the date and the title in future then shit-eater.

    Re: Leon and Claire it was a fucking joke you nonce. Also, deep down in your heart of hearts you know that Degeneration was a big pile of wank.

    Be more demanding dick lips.

  10. RE2 Oldskooler said on March 14, 2011:

    For being a publisher on this site your not very well mannered and have a bit of a anger problem when people like “Scriveno3” (whom infact speak the truth) prove you wrong and the whole point of a joke is to state it as one or at least sound sarcastic or you will be misinterpratated. Lastly truth fan deep down in there hearts think’s Degeneration was “a big pile of wank” every true RE fan loved the film it was perfect and CGI animation was danm flawless 😀 however I did enjoy the films but they havnt stayed true to the title and possible where the films fault that the games went all fucking shitty and action on us which makes me want to go crazy! In my opinion the films where unbelevible shite but a decent watch if your bored or had spare change on you at the time. also just because theres a review does not mean you need to follow the reviewer ! it is just there opinion, they dont own our brains so stop being a sheep and hating on the film just because the reviewer said so ! geez !

  11. Cunzy1 1 said on March 14, 2011:

    Dear RE2 Oldskooler

    Thanks for taking the time to write out an easy to understand and well thought out comment. You don’t often see comments of quite such a high calibre on the internet and thank you for it.

    As far as I understand having to point out a joke either means that it wasn’t very good in the first place or that you are pandering to the stupid, which I believe is the case here.

    Also, for reference I don’t agree with the review at all, the guy doesn’t know what he is talking about at all.


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