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Capcom Compilations

posted on November 15th, 2006 by christian

So a trip to my local Gamestop enlightened me to two nice little releases from Capcom. It seems the store is selling exclusive 3 game boxsets for Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. You can get all three DMC games for just $30, while $40 nabs you the three Cube exclusive Resi’s (REmake, Zero and 4, which was at least initially exclusive). Both packages come in rather nice boxes, though there seem to be no other special items along with them.


I think this a pretty great idea from Capcom. The prices for both sets are very reasonable, especially for the Resident Evils. Despite the fact that most of these games are quite old, something like this could easily go for $20 more if they wanted to. Instead you can get three great titles for less than the cost of a brand new one. I really wish I had something like this when I first want to try out Devil May Cry. I had to track down used copies of the first two games, and the second is in a shitty Blockbuster case. I would have killed to have 3 brand new discs instead.

This is also a good compromise compared to Japanese compilations, which are often crammed with goodies but are very expensive and made in limited quantities. As the current generation comes to a close, hearty boxsets like these are a great way to check out old series you may have skipped on, without having to break the bank or make multiple trips.


  1. pat said on November 15, 2006:

    which version of DMC3?

  2. christian said on November 16, 2006:

    Speical edition

  3. jay said on November 16, 2006:

    Ohh, maybe I’ll buy it then. I figured they’d skimp and give you the regular one.

  4. Matt said on November 16, 2006:

    I was kind of against all these re-releases, but if they’re this good, then by all means.

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