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It’s all over: MGS4, or the New Gen?

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 by christian

As I feared, the majority of reviews of Metal Gear Solid 4 are disappointing to say the least. Unfortunately, too many critics are interested in remarking about the length and quality of the cutscenes, which really means they like to make the obvious observations that they are “too long” and “too silly.” Rare …

Video game plots must evolve

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 by d. olsen

The importance of video games to human development cannot be overstated. I believe there have been three major inventions that have radically shifted the creative horizons of the human species and the reality we continue to shape for ourselves. The first would be movable type and the advent of the printed word, the second would …

Best Game Ever – Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition

Monday, June 30th, 2008 by wesley

Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition (hereafter referred to as JP:RE) is truly a one of a kind game. In my decades of playing games, I have never come across anything quite like it.


Back in the early nineties some developer released the movie tie-in game Jurassic Park for …

Review of an Insecticide interview

Friday, June 13th, 2008 by stefan

Insecticide is a recently released adventure game featuring shooting levels. It was developed by a team composed of several of the people responsible for some of the great adventure games produced by LucasArts over the years.

And it got some pretty bad reviews. With a Metacritic score of 55/100, it’s looking less and less …

The promise of motion control

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 by bruce

Who wrote this unspoken hardcore gamer law that we can’t enjoy a game that engages more than just our brains and fingertips? Just because our hobby has been sedentary in the past, a lot of people seem to want to treat this as some kind of necessary condition to enjoyment of a game. I’ve wondered …

The next gen consoles then and now

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 by christian

Folks, it has been some time since the “next gen” was actually the next. I think it is about time to call it the current gen, and on that note, I think it is time to re-evaluate the three major players in the race. Much has changed, and my opinion of each console …

Murdering children does not grant you magical powers – More thoughts on good and evil in games

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 by derek

I started to write this as a postview of one of my favorite games, Beyond Good & Evil, when it occurred to me that there has been a lot of talk over here at videolamer recently about, well, good & evil. Shota seems annoyed both that so many games are overwhelmed by universe destroying, …

News We Care About Wrapup – 5.30.08

Friday, May 30th, 2008 by jay

Beyond good and sequels
Beyond Good and Evil 2 was recently released much to the joy of gaming forums everywhere. Sequels are exciting because it means more of something good. That we long for sequels seems to stem from a few things but most of them point to problems in the industry. It means …

News We Care About Wrap Up – 5.23.08

Friday, May 23rd, 2008 by jay

Too early to declare a console victor
Ignore that Microsoft recently declared that history has shown us that the first system to 10 million historically wins the race, thus heavily implying their console is the winner as it’s sold a little over 10 million in the states. Their new PR line is that declaring …

I’m so sick of Noble Deaths, I could sacrifice myself for the good of others! — Part Trois

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 by jay

The only thing that frightens people as much as life without meaning is death without meaning. For some odd reason, we find it difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one to an open manhole. The fact that random, absurd turns of events can end life does not sit well with people because …