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DIY PSP Car Stereo

posted on October 20th, 2006 by matt

Here’s a tip for you do-it-yourselfers: turn your dust-infested PSP into your car stereo system. I was completely surprised (and annoyed at myself for not realizing sooner) that you can use an iPod tape-deck adapter with your PSP. Some of you have may already done this, but I went one step further. I applied velcro strips on the bottom of my PSP and a vacant lot on my car’s console, and viola! A fairly stylish car stereo system.

I’ve included a pic to give you an idea on how to set it up. Just make sure to get somewhat industrial-strength velcro strips to use, as pulling the PSP off the dashboard repeatedly will probably rip off weaker kinds. I went ahead and put the softer side of velcro on the actual system, and the spiky kind on the car. The added benefit of this is playing my PSP actually feels a bit more comfortable. And to combat that pesky battery problem inherent in all PSP’s, you can pick up a car battery charger from Pelican, which only costs $7.

If you wanted to go the extra-mile, you can place velcro strips on the dashboard near the passenger-side glove compartment for those of you that like to travel. Of course, this only benefits the passenger.

The only real drawback is the backlight on the PSP. In the dark, you can see it pretty good, but during the day, it’s practically invisible to the driver. I will say though, using the R and L triggers for moving between songs is much better than some actual car stereo UI’s.

And yes, that is half of a NES controller and a Link key chain accessory. Gotta rock the Nintendo love.


  1. Geode said on October 20, 2006:

    This is so cool , I wish more nerds like you were out there for super neat tips like this.

  2. Matt said on October 21, 2006:

    What can I say, I’m a jack of all trades.

  3. fr0g said on March 26, 2007:

    What if you only have a CD player?  Do the little radio-tuner thingies work too?

  4. Matt said on March 26, 2007:

    Yeah, I assume if you have a radio transceiver for the psp it would work with a system that only has CD and FM/AM. I’ve been meaning to get the PSP-specific transceiver, as it is wireless (obviously) and fits snugly on the bottom of the unit. Would look even more pimp.

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