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Flash game review bonanza 1

posted on March 9th, 2006 by horatio

Tactical Assassin
Author: SimonHason

Genre: Shooter/sniper


Use your legendary sniper skills to take out this stationary bum on the street. Don’t worry about missing, because even the sound of gunfire isn’t enough to get this guy off of his ass.

Synopsis: Tactical Assassin, surprisingly enough, places you in the roll of an assassin who has been hired by the government to take out various drug dealers and terrorists. The game has ten levels, each featuring a screen that is blacked out except for the portion viewed under your sniper scope. Your goal is basically to shoot the right person or persons at the right time in order to advance to the next level.

Style (3/10): To say this game has style at all is an act of generosity on my part. The art consists mostly of stick figures. Admittedly, the buildings are fairly well drawn, and the music is fitting for the “take him down with one shot!” vibe the game tries to inspire. This, however, is not nearly enough to salvage this abomination.

Substance (2/10). I thought the era of stick death games was over. I was very sadly mistaken. Not that I didn’t enjoy my share of these games when they first came out… 6 years ago, but by now they are too trite to be of any value. Further, this isn’t even a good stick game. There is neither the manic feeling nor the skilled timing that this game’s ancestors required. The missions are short and simplistic. Mission briefings are riddled with typos, and the “plot” is abysmal. The game attempts to be a poor man’s sniper scope, but instead it’s just crap.

Bonus points: +50 points for being short.

Overall score: 3/10, how this remains on Newground’s top 50 Movies & Games boggles my mind.


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  1. Dan said on March 31, 2006:

    Hey… I drew those Raiden X backgrounds…

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