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Flash game review bonanza 2

posted on March 10th, 2006 by horatio

War Bears
Author: Gionatan Iasio (ioji)
Genre: Action/Puzzle

Lions and tigers and
This game is just more pro bear propoganda. Nice try, bears, but I saw Grizzly Man.

Synopsis: War Bears places you in charge of a tactical squad of bears of the same name. In this mission you are trying to stop a bank robbery by a team of robber bears. Each of the four bears has a special skill (somewhat akin to the Lost Vikings games) that will help you solve the various puzzles needed to finish the game.

Style (8/10): The game employs a very cutesy style which is both odd and complimentary for the elite crime-fighting bears. Even better however are some of the exchanges between the War Bears and their adversaries. A severe lack of non-diegetic music leaves the player listening to some rather repetitive and grating sound affects.

Substance (10/10): This game excels in an area almost every flash game lacks: variety. The puzzles offered here are incredibly diverse, including simplistic fights, memory tests, and reflex games. Even though a lot of progress is gained through trial and error, you’ll find yourself feeling very accomplished when you discover the solution to the problem at hand. Further, the game offers a good scoring system that rewards you for finishing a mini-game without making any mistakes. This score then converts to an overall rank at the end of the game and also allows you access to special files that have summaries of each of the characters. The one drawback to the game is that there are a few instances where not doing something early on can leave you impossibly stuck later in the game. Despite this, the game is still incredibly fun to play.

Bonus points: -1000 points for only having one level.

Overall (9/10): This game is truly the cream of the crop of flash games. Unfortunately, once you have figured out how to solve all the puzzles and beat the mission, you’ll find the game does not have the nigh infinite replayability inherent to many flash games. Still, the sheer genius of this game makes it an incredibly enjoyable couple of hours of entertainment.


And that concludes our review of top games at Newgrounds. While there are some respectable games here, I think most of the content only serves to remind us why some things are better left to professionals. Tune in next time when I discuss Rawls’ and Nozick’s competing theories of governmental legitimacy, by which I mean review more flash games.


  1. Damian said on May 7, 2006:

    i’ve gotten to the underground part, where all that’s left is a question mark under Lucas. please tell me what is next, i’d find out myself (though I’ve already tried 10 times) but all I foresee is endless tedium of replaying the game, so just save me time here. I imagine I use the War Van (which is undamaged thanks to my clever removal of the drill spear form the wall).

    Much Appreciated,


  2. Troy said on May 16, 2006:

    hey sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I think what you need to do is flood the bathroom with water (by closing the window and door) after you’ve left it. eventually the water will spill through the floor and allow you access to the next part later in the game. If you already did this and find you’re stuck tell me and i’ll play through the game again.

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