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IGN Hits A New Low

posted on October 6th, 2009 by jackson

IGN recently launched a new site called Music Hub. Great idea, music games are popular so why not make a site dedicated to them? Let’s see what games they cover: Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Van Halen, GH Encore: Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero On Tour, GH On Tour: Decades, GH On Tour: Modern Hits, Guitar Hero Mobile Games, DJ Hero, Band Hero, and… and… that seems to be it. That sure is a lot of games, the guys at IGN were very diligent in ensuring that every relevant game is included. Nothing seems to be missing that I can see, nope.

Yes, I’m joking. The “Music Hub” is a joke. It’s an advertisement for Activation’s games masquerading as just another section of IGN. It does everything it can to shove Guitar Hero down your throat while avoiding at all costs directly saying that it’s a marketing tool. This is dishonest to the point of absurdity.

This is a level beyond the regular absurdities that plague internet journalism (I use that term loosely). It’s a well known secret that previews and reviews, despite frequently containing much “objective sounding” language, are frequently written after some sort of financial arrangement has been arranged, and undoubtedly money influences previews and reviews. That seems trivial though compared to a company creating a third party website specifically for the purpose of advertising a product. The way their official language on Music Hub is so brand-agnostic is insulting to our intelligence, like they don’t want anyone to notice the true nature of what they’re doing.

It baffles me at how many people take IGN seriously when it repeatedly does stuff like this. It’s the absolute worst example of a capitalistic establishment, everything it produces is aimed at one goal: to make money at any cost.


  1. christian said on October 6, 2009:

    So this is basically like those long advertisements that look like editorial in Time Magazine, without the words “advertisement” at the corner of every page?

  2. Cunzy1 1 said on October 6, 2009:

    Audiosurf? Parappa the Rapper? Beatmania? DDR? Singstar? Nintendogs? Wii Music?

  3. christian said on October 6, 2009:

    Um Jammer Lammy?
    Elite Beat Agents?
    Karaoke Revolution?

  4. jackson said on October 6, 2009:

    @christian yeah it could be compared to that. My problem with it is how they try to pretend like they aren’t an advertisement. A magazine like Nintendo Power functions in a lot of ways like an ad for Nintendo’s products, but everyone who buys it knows that because it’s in the magazine’s name. “Music Hub” carefully avoids ever saying that it’s an Activision marketing tool.

  5. jay said on October 6, 2009:

    Samba de Amigo?

  6. christian said on October 6, 2009:

    jackson – I agree! My analogy was an effort to evoke the shadiness of it.

  7. jackson said on October 6, 2009:

    Update: IGN’s editorial manager, Teddy Pierson, is posting pseudo-anonymous comments on blogs defending it. http://www.onelastcontinue.com/12237/dont-ask-about-rock-band-on-igns-music-hub/comment-page-1/#comment-2227

    other random info about it on Shawn Elliot’s twitter page http://twitter.com/ShawnElliott (which is also where I originally found the site)

  8. Cunzy1 1 said on October 7, 2009:

    Music, Music 2000 etc., Space Channel Five.

  9. Michelle said on October 11, 2009:

    I think it’s very indicative of certain video games websites that I am not at all surprised by this. Just amazed something like this hasn’t happened a lot sooner.

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