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He has the honor of being the first person I’ve heard mention video games in regards to the Virginia tech shooting. Looks like Joe has found the culprit. Joe closed this case tonight on his daily crime against humanity called Scarborough Country.

Seriously though, it was only a matter of time before someone hinted that games may be partly to blame and for all I know, he isn’t the first to do so today. Funny what things are ripe for picking as causes. If someone crazy is Islam, likes game or listens to metal, it’s those things fault. If they are ex-Marines or extreme conservatives waging war against secular America, they are portrayed as just nuts.

How can Joe, knowing nothing about the killer, bring up video game violence? It is an easy target. On the same show he chided people who take advantage of tragedy for political posturing, but then he has never been above hypocrisy. To make matters more absurd, Scarborough is uninterested in talking about gun control. Who buys guns and how easily apparently has nothing to do with gun violence. A political debate conservatives pushed aside in order to try to ban flag burning and prevent gay marriage doesn’t appeal to Scarborough. Once again blaming the media does.

I suspect the true cause of the horrible killings is the culprit’s nationality. Everyone knows Chinese people are godless heathens who play video games with heavy metal in them. It’s about time Joe Scarborough started rounding these un-American folks up. He can find them the same way Ryo Hazuki did – by walking around town asking every person he comes across if they know of any Chinese.


  1. pat said on April 16, 2007:

    in a shocking turn of events, jack thompson has gotten himself back in the public eye by blaming video games as well, as reported by kotaku.  can i blame jack thompson for the shooting with no basis or evidence?

  2. Markus said on April 17, 2007:

    "He has the honor of being the first person I’ve heard mention video games in regards to the Virginia tech shooting."
    I think this guy beat him to it.

  3. Dan said on April 17, 2007:

    Turns out the shooter was South Korean. Perhaps we can blame Starcraft for this whole mess.

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  5. Erich Sweeting said on September 30, 2010:

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