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Lame E3 pics 3

posted on May 17th, 2006 by golden jew

Click the pic for an annoying pop up window with a bigger pic.

Welcome to Wii World.

A drum simulation. Wow.

A baseball simulation. Wower.

Finally, something that looks like a real game.

Smashy smashy.

Colorful controllers.

Variety of controllers.

And finally, the system all the fuss is over:


  1. plounted said on May 18, 2006:

    kick ass

  2. Stefan said on May 19, 2006:

    The middle setup in the purple pic of the wii controller add-ons looks like it would require three hands. It’s a standard controller plus the remote.

  3. jay said on May 19, 2006:

    What, you’ve only got two?

  4. pat said on May 20, 2006:

    that controller set up is for “my left foot: the game.” you have to set the options and so on with the old school controller. then jam the remote between your toes and try to paint and write. should be a real thriller.

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