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Celebrate the tenth lamecast with us by listening to the crew bash just about everything and everyone they can think of. Christian reveals his angry side, Alexis stands up for a goddess in a game she’s never played, Casey is ashamed of his Sims, and Don will soon be engaged in a lawsuit with George Broussard thanks to some creative editing.


  1. jay said on June 18, 2009:

    The wait for Lost Winds 2 has been sort of odd. The first was touted as an early victory for WiiWare and third parties, and rightly so. But it’s been a long time and there are very few details on what should only be a three hour game. I guess my initial hope that they would release a new chunk each year will go unfulfilled as we will be lucky to get a whole two entries this generation.

  2. Spyder Mayhem said on June 18, 2009:

    DO PSALM 137:9 NEXT.


    Alexis: Sims 3 is different from Fallout 3 because of SEE TYSON’S ARTICLE AND THE COMMENTS ATTACHED. It’s like rape, for your wallet! Don’s right.

    Alexis is a goon, no one touch her.

    The Zelda timeline is not silly, it is of dire importance.

    Don is a goon, no one touch him.

    Left 4 Dead 2 is going to be released for PS3, making those of us on the Blu-Ray side of the line happy.

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