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In this second edition of the lamecast, our hosts put Capcom’s two biggest franchises over the coals and EVE Online gets a new patch. In the thrilling conclusion, a discussion on in-game advertising erupts into violence when the importance of being told to buy Old Spice while playing Quake Live is questioned.

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  1. ECM said on April 1, 2009:

    Well, I don’t listen to podcasts, but I will say that anyone that makes a reference to the Nephilim gains +1000 exp w/ me.

  2. Don said on April 1, 2009:

    Maybe it’s time you start listening to podcasts…

    … rather, podcast.

  3. SAGExSDX said on April 1, 2009:

    Hey, guys! Was wondering what happened to the podcast. Episode 2 (listening right now) is pretty entertaining. Are you guys planning on leaving in those old school audio clips for future episodes? I’d think you guys would run out at the rate you guys are playing them. Then again I guess a couple decades of games yields lots of comedy gold.

  4. Don said on April 1, 2009:

    We plan on breaking up our droll and boring meandering ramblings with all manner of old and lame throwbacks. It’s just what we do.

    We also love you. Like the way mommies and daddies do.

    Thanks for listening!

  5. ECM said on April 1, 2009:


    Sure, just as soon as someone finds some way to get that 30 hour day rolling, I’ll be the first to DL it.

  6. Don said on April 1, 2009:

    Leeloo Dallas, Multitask.

  7. ECM said on April 1, 2009:

    If I multitask anymore I’ll be dead by the time I’m 40.

  8. Don said on April 1, 2009:

    Dead, but enlightened.

  9. Bruce said on April 3, 2009:

    The best retro game ad ever:


    The sound is great.
    It ran a bit long, I like my podcasts at ~30 minutes so I can listen on my commute. My favorite bit was the ingame ads one. Good arguments all around there. But be careful what you wish for, there are probably some games truly beloved by some of the staff here that weren’t commercial successes but deserved to be made anyway.

  10. Fairy Turcios said on April 24, 2010:

    I love following heroes episodes, it came from boring to a fine tv series now. For the first few eps, I thought, its another xmen copy. But it turned out to be fun to watch, I really hope new episoded will be aired soon.

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