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Oh, Aren’t You an Adorable Little VG Cat!

posted on October 25th, 2006 by matt

If anyone has paid attention to Joystiq’s weekly WebComic Wrap-up, you’d no doubt run into a comic named VG Cats. I love this webcomic. The style is great, and the humor is right on key. The guy doesn’t go too deep into the whole video game lore thing (there’s a lot of Zelda and Final Fantasy VII commentary), so you don’t have to get out your Ultimate Videolamer’s Guide to Everything About Gaming and Dating(tm) to understand it.

He’s got 215 comics on his site, and most of them are hilarious. If you were looking for a great comic strip on video games, you can do no wrong with VG Cats.

And before I get bullied, I will say that I also love Penny Arcade. Those guys are great, but I prefer VG Cats’ continuous commentary on video games. And the whole hand-feet thing freaks me out…

The guy, Scott Ramsoomair, tries to update every Monday, so jot it down on your Google Calendars posthaste.


  1. Christian said on October 25, 2006:

    I used to quite enjoy VG Cats, but I can’t stand it any more.  I can’t stand when, say, some bad news comeso out of Nintendo land, and Scott starts acting like a raving lunatic (even if it was sarcasm, which I don’t quite believe).  Sometimes the comic is still funny, but his jokes involving sex/rape/whatever are pretty crass, and as someone at 1up one said of the comic, "brevity is the soul of wit"
    I’ll chuckle at the strip from time to time, but to me the comic is very much the workings of a fanboy who was somehow given an audience.

  2. jay said on October 25, 2006:

    Wasn’t the brevity line Shakespeare?


    I don’t like game related web comics because I’m convinced they are successful only by pandering to their audience. They’re mostly made up of in references and people who understand them get to feel smart. Maybe part of the issue is I compare web comics to real comics and it’s quite difficult to trump something like Calvin and Hobbes. Also, I’m a complete hypocrite since most of what I write has obscure references because I think I’m so 133t.

  3. Matt said on October 25, 2006:

    Well I certainly wasn’t aware of any rape scenes in his comic. That stuff I will not stand for, but as I haven’t found any of that stuff yet, it’s probably a rare occurrence. And yeah, most of the comics online can’t be considered in the same league as the big-time comics, but that’s kind of why I like them. They talk about stuff that is still niche in the whole scheme of mass media: video games. And they do it pretty well.One thing that was weird though, was a comic that VG Cats did awhile ago, showing the bruises his character sustained by listening to Nintendo so much. Nintendo actually gave him a black eye for bad-mouthing the Wii. It was hilarious, but I can’t find it anymore on his site. Something tells me it’s the elusive "200th" strip.

  4. DeeMer said on October 26, 2006:

    Take look at his latest strip (#215).  That’s probably the best example of his crassness you’ll ever find.  A joke like that is highly unnecessary.

  5. jay said on October 26, 2006:

    I was all prepared to read the comic and declare you guys a bunch of prudes. Maybe I still am, but gross or not, that last comic is not good. It’s not that semen jokes can’t be funny, it’s that this semen joke is not funny. And the thing about being unfunny is the grosses it is, the harder the fall. You can only get away with shit like that if it works and if it doesn’t it looks very bad.

  6. Matt said on October 27, 2006:

    Aww, but it’s Phoenix Wright!

  7. jay said on October 27, 2006:

    What was that I said about web comics mostly being successful by referencing inside things? :p

  8. Chris said on October 27, 2006:

    Yeah, his latest comic is kind of meh.  They’re hit-or-miss with me, usually more hit than miss, but lately they haven’t been as good.  I really did like PA’s random "Dead Rising" series, but there’s no one good VG webcomic I like above the rest.

  9. Matt said on November 2, 2006:

    Aha! Judging by the results at Joystiq for Reader’s Pick, I am the winner in this contest. Take that, you pussies!

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