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Random PS3-related News:11/13

posted on November 13th, 2006 by matt

Here’s a few things that are going on in the world of Playstation 3 today:

PS3 Backwards Compatibility Less Than Stellar
Reports coming out of Japan are saying that a few PS2 titles are having trouble being played on the super-duper (and extremely rare) PS3. Notable titles are Namco’s Tekken 5, Squenix’s Final Fantasy XI, and the awesomeness that is Guitar Hero.

Yes, you heard right. Guitar Hero’s guitar peripheral is having trouble working on the system, with some buttons being totally ignored. The world has just let out a collective “WTF!” aimed directly at Sony’s crotch.

Tekken 5 has problems running its background music properly, while Final Fantasy XI can’t register the hard-drive that the PS3 has. Sony has already planned to supply a firmware update for the hard-drive issue soon, but no word on when the other issues will be resolved, if at all.

Unbelievably, PS2 hardware is actually in a PS3. The backwards compatibility is not based on emulation software. How Sony managed to mess this up is beyond me. But hey, we got Blu-Ray, right? Right?

Source: 1UP.com

PS3 Preorders Go Unfulfilled
Gamestop is informing everyone that pre-ordered a PS3 that they will not have enough systems to fulfill all the orders come this 11/17. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Especially those people trying to sell their systems on eBay.

They said they were trying to stop from having an Xbox 360-like debacle with the PS3, but apparently the guy spearheading the pre-order campaign forgot to get a solid number on how many consoles Sony was going to give them. Give that man a raise.

Source: GameSpot


  1. Christian said on November 13, 2006:

    Is it just me or did Sony pretty much stay quiet on how they were doing BC on the PS3?  First they said it was too pricey to put the PS2 hardware in the console.  Now it is in there. And it still doesn’t work.   I’m really confused. 

  2. Matt said on November 13, 2006:

    Crappy Sony QA has struck again. This stinks of that CD-reading problem that PS2’s always had when playing PSone games.

  3. Christian said on November 13, 2006:

    I can’t wait to disassemble a PS3 to adjust the Blu Ray laser

  4. pat said on November 13, 2006:

    are you implying you took apart a previous sony machine to adjust the laser?  i know i played my psx at a number of different angles, including balanced on its side and upside down, but i have never taken a screwdriver to a system.

  5. jay said on November 14, 2006:

    Watch me have sympathy for people trying to buy systems only to sell them on eBay for a huge profit…wait for it…

  6. Christian said on November 14, 2006:

    I opened my roomate’s ps2 and adjsuted the laser.  Got it working too

  7. Matt said on November 14, 2006:

    How do you "adjust" it? This interests me because I’ve had problems with a PS2 that couldn’t play DVD’s. Do you just blow off the dust or is there something more advanced?

  8. Christian said on November 14, 2006:

    Well Matt, a large majority of PS2’s have disc reading errors because of one problem; the laser needs to be adjusted.  A quick googling for how to fix PS2 disc read errors should net you some faqs complete with pictures.  Essentially, you take out all the screws on the bottom of the PS2 (beneath the little rubber feet), and then take the top off (but you have to watch out and not tear off the little metal strip that goes from the console to the front power button).  Then you’ll see the disc drive apparatus on the right.  You unscrew that, eject the disc tray, and take the top off, which allows you to see the laser.  There’s a big white gear next to it that adjusts the height of the laser.  You have to tinker with that gear until you find a setting that works.  Its a little bit ghetto, as you have to hold the cover on top of the disc drive while the thing is apart in order to test discs, but you should get it to work eventually.  Also, check for those FAQs – they are much better descriptions than mine here.

  9. pat said on November 15, 2006:

    ive been lucky enough never to have had that problem.  although i may have "adjusted the laser" by accidentally dropping the system from the top of my tv onto the basement floor (~5 feet).  the machines 5th birthday is coming up soon (cmas present from an ex-gf) and its still going strong.

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