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SDF-1: Sony Defense Force was obviously a joke

posted on September 18th, 2007 by christian

Let’s talk about Sony Defense Force. The site has been a constant source of humor for myself and other Lamer staff for a few weeks now. Apparently the site PS3Tag did some “detective work” that amounted to looking at the properties of a “whois”, and now the site has been “found”. Kotaku commenters are chiming in about how they “thought it was a hoax” or “they should lose readership because of this”, as well as complimenting for the work PS3tag did.

I am going to borrow a line from my god Ken Levine, and ask you all to kill yourselves.

I can understand if you were uncertain about the meaning of SDF when it originally launched. I can barely accept your puzzled looks when they launched a forum that had almost no PS3 discussion whatsoever, and even talked about the 360 with excitement.

But when they’ve had a link to Major Nelson for several days now, how the hell does it not click? How were you all thinking it was fake instead of knowing. How did PS3tag do any detective work when they pieced a simple webmaster’s query with a bit of insider info from an email?

The SDF experiment says something about us, as gamers. For one, I am absolutely positive that many of the people who say they had a hunch it was fake actually knew for certain, but in this world of e-penises and jaded critics we’re afraid to ever assert anything that we know. I’m a little less certain about the fact that some people have continued to be duped. It could mean that people really do have short attention spans and don’t (or don’t want to) read their games journalism, but instead want anything that can allow them to act like an authority or a jackass. It would certainly explain the popularity of some sites out there. But it also could just mean I take this shit way too seriously, and would be better off not noticing such details about gaming sites on the ‘net.

Ultimately, I think we can all agree on one thing – SDF proves that we can all thank the internet for the creation of the modern fanboy.


  1. jay said on September 19, 2007:

    That people couldn’t tell it was a joke is a sign that we are all used to rabid fanboys who have a hard time grasping reality. Also, it’s a sign that SDF was way too light with the satire. When I was running http://www.tehxtremesonyfan.com (for 2 days)my one or two stories were much more over the top and therefore clearly satirical.

  2. Tony said on September 22, 2007:

    SDF is just like Chad Warden or Seth Dub on youtube.

  3. jay said on September 22, 2007:

    Chad Warden is my hero.

  4. Tony said on September 22, 2007:

    Chad Warden is my hero, as well.

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