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Second helpings of the DS list article

posted on July 9th, 2007 by the gang

Golden Sun
More of a Shining game than any of the recent PS2 versions, this great little RPG has an interesting storyline, a fun cast of characters, and enough innovation to set it apart from the rest of the jRPG pack. Now if only the game were a bit harder so I felt I earned it…

Megaman Zero
The game that revitalized the Megaman franchise, this game was hard as fuck, and if you didn’t memorize enemy locations and attack patterns of the bosses to a tee you couldn’t expect to win. And if you wanted to get an A ranking on each level, you could expect to spend hours on it. Still, combined with great graphics and story, this learning curve just left you feeling all that more accomplished when you finished.

Megaman Zero 3
Solid gameplay with good graphics and offers an increasingly complex and interesting story that Megaman fans are bound to enjoy.

Megaman Battle Network
Gotta catch ’em all! A card battle game where every enemy dropped its own unique attack card, this game was surprisingly addictive.

Megaman Battle Network 3
Capcom does know how to milk a genre, but this game had so much replay value (monster raising, bonus dungeons, job requests) that you will be hard pressed to find better bang for your buck in a game.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
This is the game that would define Zelda games for years to come (alternating dark/light/seasons/ages of the world, many of the classic items). Difficult dungeons, and lots of them. As an added bonus the four swords multiplayer game is fun as hell; I don’t know how many times I can throw my friends into a pot. For a few months you could definitely diagnose me with *rupee fever*. The new dungeon that was awarded for beating the multiplayer game was also clever and rewarding.

Megaman & Bass
The game Megaman fans were dying to get released locally for years. You know the drill, eight bosses, weak to each other’s weapons, only now with the option to play as evil Wilybot Bass. Solid gameplay, good graphics, and gasp! Dr. Wily isn’t the last boss!

Castlevania Circle of the Moon
You will search hours for that door you know you saw before but needed the double jump upgrade to reach. But you will love every goddamn minute of it as you kill zombies, bats, and other undead monsters in pursuit of the Count.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong
A bizarre little puzzle game with a lot to do. This game was fun and quick with puzzles that required intelligence and good timing. While the puzzles became quite difficult, they never felt like a strategy was required to solve (anyone remember some of the final puzzle levels of Chu Chu Rocket??)

Coming Soon…

Luminous Arc
Because all systems need more Strategy RPGs.

Phoenix Wright 3
Anyone who enjoyed the other Ace Attorney games is already frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the third entry.

Dragon Quest IX
The DS could use a rock solid, traditional RPG created specifically for it. It’s a nice bonus that the game to fit the bill will also be a Dragon Quest. 58 billion seller for sure.

Final Fantasy Revenant Wings
Hugely popular series + hugely popular system + amazing presentation = probably pretty good.

Zelda Phantom Hourglass
Famitsu seems to enjoy this one. Was there really any doubt it would be great? I mean, besides the lame ass kiddy graphics, right? Totally for fags only LOLOL

Anno 1701
Hope this 18th century colony building game makes it to America. Still, game will be released in Europe and the DS is region free, so if you love this type of game you can import.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Because all systems need more Strategy RPGs…especially if they’re part of one of the best SRPG series ever made.

Contra IV
Konami should have handled this in house or given it to Treasure, but even with an unproven developer at the helm this game has a good shot of ruling. Especially if it’s so hard it makes grown men cry.

Ragnarok Online
This and Maple Story are on their way to a bus, train or plane ride near you via the DS. In other words, you can still play an MMORPG at work once these are out.

Sonic RPG
What a stupid idea, haha, Sonic in an RPG. Bioware’s making it? I guess I’ll take four copies…

And there you have it. Maybe “games” is only one reason to buy a game system but if you find any other reason even a sixtieth as significant, you may want to look into buying a media player and not a game system.


  1. NIck Post said on July 10, 2007:

    Also coming as far as SRPG is that customizable robo bug game. And when are we getting Front Mission 1st?

  2. jay said on July 13, 2007:

    I think FM1 comes out October 23rd.

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