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Shenmue 3 would rock your Wii

posted on April 12th, 2007 by jay

Shenmue failed for a number of reasons. I’d argue it was too awesome for normal people, but others insist it was slow-going, chock full of stupid “That day it rained…” plot, and ultimately boring. The Shenmue games also cost huge amounts of money to develop – many reports approximated a cost of $20 million (Wikipedia simultaneously claims $20 and $70 million) and the first game in the series was supposedly entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive game that had been yet been produced.

Sega would presumably allow development of Shenmue 3 if it weren’t such a huge risk. A costly game that sells poorly is never an attractive prospect to accountants. Deciding the MMO format may make them a profit, Sega has dashed hopes of Shenmue 3. Shenmue Online, if it is ever released, will likely not be what rabid Shenmue fans want. And when Shenmue Online also bombs, it will likely signal the end of the series altogether.

Yu Suzuki should follow the four Wude by doing what is right – releasing Shenmue 3.

But consider the following: If Shenmue 3 were developed on the Wii instead of the PS3 or 360, the game would only cost Sega something like five million dollars. This is a huge difference from the 30 million it’d cost on a competing console (cost approximations from Bloomberg) Even at triple the cost of an average Wii game, Shenmue 3 would cost Sega less than the original game did six years ago. Add the Wii’s worldwide success thus far and the lack of big name third party titles on the platform and Shenmue 3 seems like a sure hit. Developing on the Wii should give risk averse Sega little risk to even be averse to.

Critics of the Wii have often focused on the system’s weak processing power. It is also a fact that the first two Shenmue games were beautiful. These two statements seem to indicate that the Wii is the wrong home for Shenmue 3. This stance seems valid, but the series was beautiful not because of just sheer polygon processing. Shenmue was unique because of the excruciating attention to detail. There have been a ton of games that look better than the Shenmue series but few have a similar visual impact. There is something special about watching the fountain outside the Hazuki dojo fill with water then spill it back into the pond below, or wandering around a Chinese warehouse and opening every single door just to see if you can.

Most of the game mechanics would translate fully to the Wii control scheme. Wandering around China or Japan (or maybe even Canada…Nazomi!) could easily be done with the nunchuck ala Twilight Princess. The Virtua Fighter battle system the game employees consists really of only three buttons. Combinations of button presses were mapped to the Dreamcast controller, but they are unnecessary. The Wiimote could have punch and kick mapped to A and B and Z on the nunchuck could be used for guarding. Attack and defense being separated may be odd at first but it’s at least an easy psychological separation.

Why would anyone want to simply tap right when they could spastically throw their body to the right to perform the same action?

Then there are the ways Shenmue 3 would actually be improved because of the Wii hardware. Virtual console games in the arcades Ryo visits, Mii figurines for purchase in toy machines and weather that responds to the forecast channel would all be cool, but motion controls are by far the most exciting prospect of a Wii Shenmue. The Quick Time Event scenes in Shenmue are always fun to watch, but simply tapping buttons does little to assuage the feeling you’re basically watching a movie. Punching, jumping, and diving side to side would be significantly more engaging if the player actually needed to do these things to control Ryo. It’s very likely the re-release of Resident Evil 4 will tie motion controls to the QTE scenes in that game. The idea is too obvious and good to ignore. It’s almost hard to imagine how titillating moving books and catching leaves would be on the Wii.

Shenmue 3 on the Wii would not cost Sega much and would be available to a rapidly growing market of over six million consumers. The combination of rock solid Virtua Fighter fighting mechanics, new and immersive motion controlled QTE and traditional Shenmue style story telling all in one package would likely cure most major diseases, end wars and alleviate famine. Let Sega know they have a duty to the planet to produce Shenmue 3 on the Wii.


  1. Matt said on April 13, 2007:

    If SEGA made Shemnue 3 with the same exact graphics from the DC, I’d still buy it. The second one left off on possibly the biggest cliff-hanger in all of gaming. I NEED to know what happened. It would be smart to go the Wii-route, but as you said, the game is high in detail. That’s where the real problem comes from. It takes time to make all those assets, even if they are low-res and low-poly. It would be far easier for it to come to the Wii, as there’s a limit to what you can show on screen, but they could still do a lot with the hardware, especially considering the Wii is 4-5 times more powerful than the DC (complete guesstimation). It would be the smartest to go the Wii route, and GOD PLEASE I hope it happens, but something tells me that SEGA has turned for the worst in the last few years. We don’t get Panzer Dragoon, we don’t get Jet Set Radio, no Samba De Amigo. Why start with Shenmue? But who knows, we got NiGHTS, so if that can happen, Shenmue can to. Oh, and it better.

  2. alan said on May 11, 2007:

    it should be on the 360 because it has the best graphics ever made. plus shenmue 2 was on the first xbox. Or you can just put it on all three systems so everyone would be happy.

  3. REHAAN IQBAL said on May 18, 2007:


  4. joe said on May 20, 2007:

    the only reason i have an xbox is because of shenmue 2.. if shenmue 3 or any shenmue related franchise ever makes it to one of the new console, i will have to buy that console, shenmue 1 was my all time fav game ever, hands down. now, as far as it being on wii… thats laughable.. a game of that magnitude and scale just wouldnt do justice on a out-dated, low life, weak console such as the wii.. i have a wii and a xbox360 and would prefer the glory of seeing in in hd and not a cheap hash out of shenmue 3 on wii.. yes its a safe hit, but w/good promotion from sega and w/microsofts help, it could definately be great. the one thing that really matters is what the critics think, since alot of people listen or abide by what the “critics say”.. if shenmue is considered “boring” or unflattering (xbox360,ps3 sonic the hedgehog) then it could be the end for sega. WHAT IS HAPPENING SEGA, YOUR GAMES ARE GETTING LESS CREATIVE AS THEY ONCE WHERE.

  5. Ale said on May 29, 2007:

    There’s one significant reason why Sega won’t be making Shenmue 3 to 360, and I think everyone knows it. The 360 just isn’t selling at all in Japan (even losing to some old machines like normal gba…), and I think that Japan is damn important for Sega.

    But still, I don’t think Shenmue 3 will ever be released. It’s too expensive to develop and then again, no one would buy it just like it was with the previous 2. I think Shenmue is the best game ever, but unfortunately I must accept the harsh reality… :(

  6. Stefan said on May 30, 2007:

    As cool as the motion sensing would be, and as loathe as I am to agree with someone who calls the Wii an “out-dated, low life, weak console”, I really think that the goals of the series would be best served on the 360 or PS3. In each incarnation, Shenmue has attempted to tell a cinematic story in as richly detailed a graphical environment as possible. Heck, when the first one came out a play-through of the game was released in Japanese movie theaters (I imported the DVD). Shenmue has always derived a lot of its immersive qualities from its attempts at photorealism, and the other two consoles can honestly deliver a lot more when it comes to that sort of graphical style.

  7. Matt said on May 30, 2007:

    I think, realistically, the only way for SEGA to even CONSIDER doing another Shenmue would be to make it for the Wii. I mean, they’ve probably lost a lot of money on Shenmue as a whole, and would not want to invest another 10 million USD to make a game many people may not buy. Shenmue has followers, but probably not enough to make a good return financially. If they made a photo-realistic game, much like what they were trying to do with the first two, then SEGA will shoot it down like one of those ducks in Duck Hunt. If they went into the pitch with a Wii game, where it’s basically going to turn out to look like a semi-more detailed Shenmue 2, then SEGA may look into it. Wii’s hot right now, and it would be a lot cheaper than to make a super-sexy-looking 360 or PS3 game.

  8. Eroll said on June 1, 2007:

    Shenmue is the one of the best game ever made…
    and if shenmue 3 comes 2 Wii
    i’d be a reason for me to buy Wii

  9. pat said on June 2, 2007:

    if shenmue 3 ever comes out, i will buy whatever system it is on.

  10. James said on June 4, 2007:

    It seems to me that the only way the third Shenmue 3 is going to be released is if there is enough demand for it. Yu Suzuki even stated in 2006 that this was the case. So I found the website below where there is an online petition for Shenmue 3. Currently, it has a little over 43,000 signatures, but it’s going to need a hell of a lot more if Sega is to consider releasing the game. Everyone should sign it and spread the word across the world. Then, Shenmue 3 may materialise.


  11. Ricochet said on June 19, 2007:

    Shenmue for the XBox360. That was my first thought, but Wii will do it MOST justice. First of all, let us not forget the horror Xbox brought to Shenmue fans! And secondly, I agree on the part that Wii is not a very powerful console, but think really carefully, it’s about 4 or more times powerful than the DC, wouldn’t the Graphical details increase by 2 or 3 fold at least (It’s already looking damn good on the DC let alone 2 3 fold)???? I don’t need super realistic backgrounds to what the PS3/Xbox360 has to offer, the game’s purpose was on it’s on it’s Genre: FREE. What better console to demonstrate FREE gaming other tan Wii!

    Also remember the Gamecube’s Resident Evil: Rebirth. Surely the GC has inferior to hardware terms to the XBox but that game’s graphics in it are amazing…..

  12. Akai said on June 29, 2007:

    the person who made this review has no idea what he is talking about. first off yes the wii scheme would be good, but also for what u do not know is that. micrsoft owns the rights to the shenmue series. so it is comming out for the xbox 360, also both shenmue one and two will be remade, so all in one package. so next u write a summary about a game or a review of any sort, get ur facts right!!!!

  13. Matt said on June 29, 2007:

    Microsoft does not own the rights to Shenmue. SEGA does. They never sold it or anything. It came out for the original Xbox, but that does not mean they own it. I have no idea where you picked up that idea, akai. I repeat, Microsoft does not own the rights for Shemnue.

  14. Brother-In Law said on July 6, 2007:

    The OBVIOUS route to take is this:

    Wiimake Shenmue 1&2 for Wii with Wii controls.

    Ever heard of a game called RE4 Wii edition (duh?) well guess what, it was a cheap and easy port of a last gen title with Wii controls that is making Capcom a nice profit.

    This Wiimake would be more or less a straight port graphically (minor texture and resolution increases) with Wii controls. Add the gimicks mentioned in this article; Mii’s, online, Wii weather, etc., and you got a cheap and easy port that is going to be the first profitable Shenmue game. Subsequently, based on the success of the Wiimakes you can go on this business of releasing Shenmue III.

  15. AWESOMEDAWSON said on July 20, 2007:

    I would love to see Shenmue 3 but by the time it happens both the Wii and 360 will be long dead!
    I’m still clutching on to my DC versions of the game I darent part with them!

  16. Stefan said on July 20, 2007:

    I’m still studying my hanzi and waiting for Shenmue Online to come out and crush my dreams under the weight of the artificially imposed MMO aspects. Combat will have to be frequent and generic, instead of sparse and meaningful. Characters will have to kill things, which completely discards the morality inherent to I and II, and most importantly you as a player will not be able to advance the world’s story on your own. With all that said, however, I want to see the phoenix and the dragon battle it out, discover why that sword was there, witness the fall (and possible redemption) of Lan Di, and learn about Shenhua’s magic and Ryo’s father’s secrets.

  17. Stefan said on July 20, 2007:

    Oh also, if you’re insane, have never seen Shenmue, or you have a few hours to kill, you can read through http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2280624, a thread in which someone posts an entire playthrough (with screen captures) of Shenmue I.

  18. Sniper said on August 14, 2007:

    I m not the biggest fan of the Wii but putting Shenmue 3 on the Wii would be the best move for sales in segas case plus the controls would play in better with the game style now the Wii doesn’t have the graphics of the playstation 3 or just rely on HDTV like the Xbox 1.5 but we wouldn’t want the graphics to be that much different then what they were on the Dreamcast , and Nintendo has a knack for games that are smooth and high in detail and beautifully illustrated I mean take Zelda twilight princess for example it was a Gamecube game that was ported on to the Wii but it was a fantastic game beautifully done compare the graphics of the Dreamcast to the Wii how totally fantastic would that look but what the hell I just want Yu to finally realise the thing so everyone can finally move on I mean ive been waiting six years for Shenmue 3

  19. Pastor777 said on August 15, 2007:

    More then 3 years had passed since I played Shenmue, but I’m still thinking about it (and waiting for the great news… In vain so far). Shenmue series is the best game ever (and I have to admit, that I finished many games, and still Shenmue series rocks).

    Still have hope that Sega will publish the third part.

    It’s a great idea to develop Shenmue on Wii. It would be even easier, because the diffrence between Dreamcast and Wii, is not so huge as betwwen Dc and Xbox360 or Ps3 (I heard that Am2 made whole graphics of the Shenmue 3 and its still waiting on their hard drives).

    Am I dreaming? Just please… Release Shenmue 3… I will buy, whatever consol it is on (Ps3, Xbox360, Wii… Whatever… Just release it..)

  20. nick said on August 18, 2007:

    i cant believe how much of my life i dedicated to the shenmue series only to find myself sobbing in an uncontrolable flurry of confusion, sadness and anger at the gaming world. i mean i had to trade in my beloved dreamcast, all my games including shenmue and part with £100 quid just to buy an xbox and shenmue 2 just to find myself crashing back to reality after hours and hours and hours of hard gaming in the darkness of my room. for days i roamed about mindlessly asking myself what the meaning of life was. Horrified that sega and microsoft could be capable of such evils. Anyway that was quite a few years ago and im ok now i still wake up in a cold sweat screaming after dreaming the scene in which i was watching the credits roll on part 2, headbutting the tv and blubbering like jade goodie after a bad black joke. So Sega all i can say is if you dont want to pay for my psyciatrist bills, pluck up the balls to make a third and final instalment!!! i need to know how it ends! My mate Cuthbert feels the same (he is the little voice in my head by the way. anyway my space ship has just been fixed by a blue man in a silver jump suit that looks a lot like Curly from Corination street so im off back to my how planet called “segadoitorelse” PEACE OUT EARTH DWELLERS

  21. Luke said on August 19, 2007:

    Well, Shenmue is indeed a masterpiece. I cannot think of a better game in terms of a narrative. I could go on about how the Shenmue series changed my life and subsequently saved my life, but I know that doesn’t interest all. What I will say is that we may need to draw our own conclusions based on logic and personal bias I suppose in regards to this Shenmue saga since it doesn’t seem to be a priority for Sega at this time. Based on some research I’ve done on this stuff, it seems that Lan Di is in the cave with Ryo and Shen Hua. He tries to ubduct her, but in turn, she self-destructs herself and kills everyone in the cave. This speculation is based on the Berkley trailer, but that plot line doesn’t explain the train incident that they show. Perhaps Ryo and Lan Di escape the cave, they head for Liuyuang or whatever that place is called (referenced at Shen Hua’s house), duke it out atop of the Chiyou HQ, which relates to the old Shenmue online trailer, and another nucular-esque attack ensues. I guess the remainder of the story is up to the player of the Shenmue Online game, but if Ryo is smart, he’ll listen to Xiuying and follow the way of Tao.

  22. jay said on August 19, 2007:

    There were supposed to be 4 or 5 games in the series. This makes it very unlikely all the main characters die in the cave.

    I do agree that Ryo will ultimately spare Lan Di. The series treats violence and especially death with much contemplation and respect. It is apparent that if Ryo kills Lan Di he will only be perpetuating the cycle of violence that claimed his father’s life.

  23. dean pattinson said on September 2, 2007:

    By reading on the internet we have found out that shenmue3 has been done and that only 15 copies are out there worldwide
    SO it does exist and there is an ending…………….
    So somewhere on this planet someone has played it to the end!!!!!!!
    There has to be more information lurking around
    I truly believe it will come out eventually and if sega are wise it will be to everyones wonderment.

  24. SELAH said on October 3, 2007:


  25. Joey Demon 138 said on October 25, 2007:

    IDK how much of any information I have read about Shenmue 3 is correct. I just remember buying the original Shenmue just by seeing the album art on Amazon.com. Hell I made a big risk and I ended up being quite satisfied. I bought Shenmue 2 in Chinese w/ English subtitles for the Dreamcast long before it arrived to the XBox and was satisfied w/ Shenmue 2 as well. Shenmue was a past fascination and if Shenmue 3 will ever be created it would be a big relief to many of us. I heard speculation that Shenmue 3 was going to be released w/ Shenmue and Shenmue 2 as part of the game as well. One huge game and Shenmue 3 would consist in this huge game. I also heard from the same source that it would be released on the XBox 360 and the PS3 but definitly the PS3. Who knows how much of it is true but all I can say is that such a great story as the Shenmue series has been, it definitly needs an ending otherwise it was just a big waste of our time to let our minds wander onto what happened to Lan-Di and Ryo. Who knows, hopefully we’ll see Shenmue before the hype eventually dies down which I’m quite surprised it hasen’t. That should be reason enough for Sega or whoever the hell owns it now to make the 3rd installment. Also I saw a trailer for Shenmue 3 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEZ3Ksk2428 but who knows if it’s fake. Looks real to me though and it looks like a great game.

  26. Joey Demon 138 said on October 25, 2007:

    While doing more research I found quite a few videos on youtube that interview Yu Suzuki. He states that Shenmue and Shenmue 2 both cost Sega 70MILLION Dollars to make and also I found out that Shenmue 3 is already finished. It’s been finished for quite some time now but won’t be released until the next-gen consoles arrive which IDK why, but thats what I read. Most of what I said before is true also according to interviews with both Sega and Yu Suzuki on youtube and other video streaming websites. So we might be waiting another five years for the next installment to Shenmue which really bites.

  27. Aiden said on November 19, 2007:

    Shenmue 3 will be released in 1 year i hope all of you are ready its going to be released i wii get in ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss come on shenmue 3 best game ever

  28. Shenmue Addict said on November 20, 2007:

    Look people the shenmue series might cost alot to be produced but if and when it does it should be multi-platform becasue that way it is available to more people therefore can make more money and those hardcore dedicated shenmue fans like me can finally finish the storyline off if you are really serious and wnat this game at go to myspace.com/legendsofshenmue and sign the petition to get the game made we have to unite as one let’s go people unite as one stand as one sign as one.

  29. Ra said on November 26, 2007:

    heard that it’s coming for xbox 360 it will be presented @ the next tokyo gameshow. if true, it would make me the happiest man on the fuckin planetttt

  30. ricky said on December 3, 2007:

    i love this game so much that i still watch the movie that came with the secound game please make the 3 one pleaseeeeeeee

  31. connor said on December 5, 2007:

    when does the game come out the others are ace there best bring another 1 out

  32. Eric Franco said on December 30, 2007:

    Shenmue proves that gaming doesn’t have to be fast, as you play the game you’ll find it more interesting, you’ll be excited to see the ending, For me I don’t care to what type of gaming console that sega it will release, I want to finish the game.

  33. tO zAnArKAnD said on January 1, 2008:

    shenmue on wii lllllllllllllooooooooooooolllllllllllll yeah right just cuz it had those few racy bits dont mean it has to go to wii the game was meant to be slow walkin around talking to ppl it will never go to wii any way wee weestick to mario

  34. Hebz said on January 3, 2008:

    yes thats why they have sonic on there consoles too? nintendo would jump at the oppurtunity to work with sega again. shenmue would make people buy the wii even more, not only would it be a landmark for shenmue fans, it’ll be the best reason to own a wii, the saviours of the shenmue fanbase.

    it would be the best move sega ever did, or yu suzuki.

    microsoft don’t own the rights the shenmue, thats stupid to say such a thing. the money that they have could’ve easily made shenmue 3, even if there was a massive loss it wouldn’t affect them. i wasnt a fan of the xbox version of shenmue 2 so i’m glad they dont own the rights, i’d rather listen to japanese voices and read it in english at the bottom than play that load of garbage.

    apparantly shenmue 3s been scrapped anyway, check out the website below.


    its silly, obviously they werent a fan, how can you forget about shenmue 3 when shenmue 2 ended like that? i’ll always want shenmue 3 to come out, always.

    this is one of those times you wish you were a billionare, then you can fund yu suzuki to release the game.

  35. mark said on January 12, 2008:

    shenmu 3 on wii would be cool and they should realease shenmue 1 and 2 on virtual console

  36. Ziming said on February 2, 2008:

    Here is rare footage of a shenmue 3 character.

  37. Russ said on March 3, 2008:

    Another option could be to put all 3 games on a release. That way new players wouldn’t be stepping in part way through the story & Sega could potentially gain some revenue from the original titles too. Of course, the cost of porting would need to taken into account.


  38. Hilal Kalawi said on March 17, 2008:

    Well, guess what? I don’t care on what system Shenmue 3 would be released..as I have decided to buy the system that plays it when it’s out there. What matters is, is it going to be released ever?

  39. kyle emery said on May 17, 2008:

    plzzz plzzz bring shenmue on the 360 u can get the money because how did u make the other game den so try ure best at it cause u know most fans want it on the 360 and the ps3 if not stuff the ps3 and make it on the xbox 360 like u made it on the xbox one because u didnt make it on the ps2 so why fuss a bout it make what u can i possible think u should make the package all the shenmue on the xbox 36 edition or just the 360 game vertion like u would do of the other games but u dont put it on the wii cuzz it is crap and av ure seen them people on the news or tv mag so i think u should make it on the XBOX 360!!!!!!!!! plzzzz…… and also when iam older iam goin to develop games and when i left this year iam goin to study i.c.t and then if i try iam goin to try go University and develop video games then when we make loads of money and that and then i might work for rockstar because i always wanted to and all so like to work wivv sega or if i wanted and if u wanted to know iam 16 and iam goin leave this year so watch out for me if u knoe me…………………

  40. joe said on June 18, 2008:

    I absolutely agree with everyone who says they’ll buy whatever system Shenmue 3 ever comes out on. The first and second games are my favorite games of all time. I fell in love with the series years ago. Imported the European version of the second one to play on my Dreamcast and everything. I hope Sega gives it a chance one day again.

  41. ryo hazuki said on July 9, 2008:

    I love shenmue series. I played both shenmue 1 and 2 thousand and thousandd times over and over again. But it ended where my highest expectation came. This sucks! I would pay $300 for shenmue 3 if that is the price!

  42. creepinninja said on July 15, 2008:

    From what i’m aware Shenmue cost sega ALOT of money, and they’ve had a hard time persuading the bosses at SEGA to even release one.
    Although if it came out for wii it WOULD give me a reason to buy one i’d despair if it did. There is NO way in this generation the game will be long enough or be able to compete with other story drven-cinematic games of this generation (e.g MGS4) in terms of graphics,quality and polish and jaw-dropping ending. This IS NOT really a game for the casual gamer and i dontthink it would work, maybe Shenmue2 would be better suited for the wii if possible.
    Another thing that is quite obvious is that it was on the list for the PS3 releases and i think SONY would be willing to back SEGA more as Shen2 didnt sell aswell as hoped (compared to other xbox titles),there is also a bigger following for PS3 than 360 in Japan. Also Hideo Kojima mentioned another successful developer (freind of his) and well known Japanese dveloper is finding it hard to get backing for a game with MASSIVE vision, for some reason i beleive this to be Yu Suzuki..
    Plus 360 or PS3 are the main targets in this Gen and I beleive whoever gets this title will generate more sales and possibly have the most realistic Real-life adventure game ever. I know SEGA and SONY have got closer over the years and with PS3 having the most advanced hardware and gaining ground i think it would be most suited for the most advanced 4 dimensional game ever.
    4 Dimensional meaning the fourth dimension is one where the player truly integrates with the surroundings with the option to basically do your own thing leaving the gamer totally immersed in the world, Shen2 pulled me in to ‘China’ a country i’ve never been to and you actually felt like you were there in a way.

  43. aiden said on August 2, 2008:

    lets stop all the bull shit argueing on what its going to be on just think about playing it you jerks i dont care wot it iz goin 2 be on i will buy it

  44. jakelovesskate said on August 6, 2008:

    well guys when u speak of graphics if uve seen the wii skate it trailors u wud see that it has great graphics. For the wii ! . so if they can have great realistic graphics i think the wii cud do fine :)

  45. Brett said on August 17, 2008:

    I bought XBox for the sole purpose to buy Shenmue 2, NO other reason. I ended up buying 20 or so more games for that system. But, again, Shemue was the only reason I purchased the system, So, I’m sureI’m not the only one. If this game generates more system sales, as well as gaming sales, it is worth the risk to release a sequel we have been waiting for for years. I will buy what ever system it is release on, JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!

  46. la japi en tu cola said on July 30, 2009:

    putos del orto aguante shenmue

  47. Cunzy1 1 said on August 3, 2009:

    Seriously though guys. Shenmue sucked ballz.

  48. pat said on August 3, 2009:

    i disagree.

  49. joei said on August 3, 2009:

    cunzy 1, i disagree .. you must be a damn nintendont fanboy who cant stand that sega has always pushed boundries not coped or blended with moderate /bland or mediocrity titles (looks at wii sports/etc)

  50. Cunzy1 1 said on August 4, 2009:

    No, no, seriously. That forklift game was pretty ace.

    They should do a Shenmue Shadow the Hedgehog cross over.

  51. Richie said on August 4, 2009:

    Fuck it shove it on the Wii in among all those pretentious “cult” titles on Nintendo’s inbred retard of a console. All the fanboys that still maintain that crap graphics make a good console will lap it up. Leave the real games for proper systems.

    Sega are dead to me, constant drivel such as, virtua figter, endless Sonic rape cash-ins, half assed 3/10 titles that nameless 3rd party Developers would be ashamed of.

    Well we can always wait for Seaman 2… Maybe play some real games in the mean time.

  52. Cunzy1 1 said on August 4, 2009:

    Richie: Well why don’t you go and play Call of Doody and all those other ‘hardcore’ hand-holding corridor shooters and leave the proper gaming to everyone else?

  53. james said on October 20, 2009:

    For seven years i been waiting 4 SHENMUE 3 to come out!

  54. Gary said on October 21, 2009:

    Sadly I don’t think Shenmue 3 will happen. It is a more thoughtful game than GTA, and has no bald space marines, which means its not commercially viable. The cost of making games these days is why they have become so generic (grey, grey ,grey).
    Shenmue was made in the days when Sega was a prolific developer. Ever since Sammy took over Sega, Sega have become more of a publisher than developer.

    Sega’s internal studios make hardly any games these days., and Sega’s new darling, Nagoshi, has eclipsed Suzuki with his Yakuza franchise.

  55. Cunzy1 1 said on October 22, 2009:

    I think the best you are going to get is the cameo in Sonic Kart.

  56. Ricko Thornton said on December 1, 2009:

    Hi I Would realy like if sega can make shenmue Plese Plese ! For the

  57. jin said on February 4, 2010:

    xbox is not the best graphic. it is ps3 because it is blue ray. study more before u put shit up. and i do hope their is shenmue 3. like someone down there said i will still buy it if it has the same graphic.

  58. Cunzy1 1 said on February 5, 2010:

    I think they have plan for different graphic.

  59. samuel n said on March 3, 2010:

    Shenmue was the first game I bought and now have almost grown out of playing video games. I don’t think there’s anything almost in the world I loved more than shenmue I almost looked up to ryo hazuki as my hero the longest and im 23. If shemmue ever did come out I would play it and would only get like 2 hours of sleep every night. It would not only sell millions of copies it would also make room for another fanbase for previous shenmue games. Please make shenmue 111 even if it was 100 dollars iLd buy it and any other serious shenmue fan would as well.

  60. bk said on March 8, 2010:

    the first game was te reason why i got my dreamcast.
    and when i heard that shenmue 2 also got out on the xbox i went to the store to get the xbox.
    so when it comes on wii ps3 or 360 i get to the store to get te console.
    thats how we do it in holland!!!

  61. Tyson said on March 15, 2010:

    Like I was telling ya, just get Yakuza 3. 😛

  62. Duku said on March 15, 2010:

    it was a good game not an extraordinary game but…..theres a good story to be told….but it really needs some improves to compite….whit all games out there!! though ill be cool to play shenmue 3

  63. shenmue said on October 25, 2010:

    shenmue its the best game ever

    shenmue 3 for wii the perfect game for the best …

  64. silverdragon said on March 16, 2011:

    shenmue is an extraordinary game…i’m actually surprised there are people who say its boring,i mean not even grandtheft gives you as much freedom…the fighting system is awesome and the plot is definetly one of the best ever.i think with careful planning and proper promotion sega will not regret developing it.SHENMUE ALL THE WAY!!!

  65. dela said on May 20, 2011:

    shenmue is prolly my most favorite game of all time and i am going to be so pissed if they dont release #3 because i have been waiting forever haha i have literaly beat 1 and 2 dozens of times

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