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Sony’s Jamie Macdonald lies to Spong

posted on August 20th, 2007 by jay

Digg led me to a hilariously bad review of Bioshock today. The site the review is on is called Sony Defense Force and, luckily, the entire site is hilarious. It may be a parody but it’s hard to tell, especially after the All I Want For Christmas is a PSP debacle.

Browsing the SDF page, I came across this gem of a story: PS2 still outselling Wii in all Major Markets. The bloggers own comments are excellent – “Looks like Wii won’t even be able to catch PS2. Get ready for another Sony dominated generation.” More importantly, the quote from Jamie Macdonald is an obvious lie:

“Jamie Macdonald: Could I just point something out – that PlayStation 2 is still outselling Wii in all the major markets.

Unless he delivered this interview from last year, he is wrong. The PS2 has been trumped by the Wii every month of this year except for March. The Wii has outsold the PS2 in Japan since launch. I couldn’t find sources for the console sales in Europe so it is possible that by “all major markets”, Macdonald means “Turkey and Iceland.”

I’m used to Sony people lying, but this Sony Defense Force site is amazing. They could have thought about checking the sales figures before posting Macdonald’s quote, though why would a site whose mission goal is to “give straight answers about the Playstation Platform” fact check? At least the commentors call the site out for the obvious error.

Also note the image I stole from their site and it’s ludicrous yet humorous name of “ps2killswii.jpg”

*My hardware numbers were compiled from many sites but should reflect NPD numbers accurately.


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