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Review – Super Star Soldier on VC

posted on November 28th, 2006 by matt

Well, Nintendo promised to release new Virtual Console titles every Monday, but I would have expected a little more than just one title. Thankfully, that one title is pretty superlicious: Super Star Soldier for the Turbografx-16.

I’ve actually never played this game before. I remember hearing about the updated version of the series on the GameCube (after Ikaruga set the precedence for the return of old-school shooters), but soon forgot about the fledgling series after the lower-than-average review scores. After purchasing the title on VC for a paltry 600 Wii Points ($6), however, I’m glad the TG-16 version made an appearance, 15 years after its release.

It isn’t the most innovative shooter around, but that’s why I like it. Ikaruga was basically the first shooter that I ever played, but the black/white dichotomy of the game made my head spin too much. Soon I would long for a game where I could just blow the crap out of anything and everything. Finally, Super Star Soldier has quenched my thirst for that. No need to worry about what color you’re aligned with or anything like that. All bullets are bad bullets in this game.

But is this game ever hard! One hit and you’re all the way back to the beginning of the level, even if you just got to the boss battle. Kids got it easy these days, what with their automatic saving and near-infinite lives. If anything, retro gaming is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Anybody have fond memories of this title? Did anybody even have a Turbografx-16 back in the day? No one I knew even had one.


  1. chris said on November 28, 2006:

    I wanted more than one game too, but maybe they’ll make up for it later in the week.  Probably not, but hey, I can hope…  I’m guessing Nintendo’s got most of their staff working on the quirks in the system that they’ve found right now, rather than VC games being a particular priority (regardless of how hard they probably are to "make").

  2. Matt said on November 28, 2006:

    It certainly highlights the one title that gets released, but Nintendo better pick up the ball with this, or I’m gonna be one unhappy camper.

  3. golden jew said on November 28, 2006:

    Definately had a turbografx.  Loved the Bonks games, Nutopia, and uhhh I think it was legendary axe.Wasn’t turbografx supposed to originally interface with the arcade versions of the games via a memory card?  Or is that the crack talking? 

  4. jay said on November 28, 2006:

    I think that was the Neo Geo that did that since the home console was the same machine as the arcade system. I never had a TG16 because my brother, who gave me advice on what to get and is to blame for me having a Master System instead of an NES, told me the TG16 wasn’t actually 16 bits and the company was lying. Apparently, he was right. It has a 16 bit graphics processor but an 8 bit main CPU I think.

  5. Zinco said on November 28, 2006:

    Hope we get some Jaguar games for this thing.

  6. golden jew said on November 28, 2006:

    Oh duh, right, that was Neo Geo.  Clearly my brain has dulled with age.

  7. Matt said on November 28, 2006:

    Zinco, can we get Jaguar games for VC? I mean, didn’t the Jaguar have like a number pad as a controller? I don’t think any of the controllers that the VC uses has enough buttons for that. I’ve never played a Jaguar, but did most games even use all those buttons? If not, then Nintendo might be able to finagle some games onto the service. Otherwise, we might have to wait for a third-party peripheral maker to strike a deal with Nintendo to release the games with a Jaguar controller. Would be cool, though.

  8. Zinco said on November 28, 2006:

    Man, look at this fool thing.
    I only jestingly suggest offering Jaguar games, because how many good games did that system even have? One or two? Maybe? 

  9. Matt said on November 29, 2006:

    Wasn’t Alien Vs. Predator on Jaguar? That would be pretty cool to try out, seeing as how it was immensely popular back in the day.

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