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Top 50 game journalists?

posted on October 18th, 2006 by jay

Next Gen has compiled a list of the top 50 game journalists. I am outraged and deeply insulted to have been left off of this list. Of the 10 friends I’ve shown this site to, I guarantee at least half would believe English is my native language. My Shakespearean use of the words “douche bag” calls out to be recognized and honored by not just pathetic gamers, but by the entirety of media and Western Civilization.

I take shelter in knowing the list is a mere popularity contest. My posts of “fuck sony u suk” on various message boards may be popular, but those are done under the pseudonym gangstagama69, not my proper journalist name jay. Had Next Gen’s list focused solely on mind blowing awesomeness, there is no doubt losers like Adam and Morgan from that shitty review show would not be included. Instead, I would be listed twice in their place.

As the list stands, I am not on it. Position 51 would be good for someone talentless like you, reader, but not for me. I have already flooded Next Gen with junk mail but that alone will not justice bring. You must get the word out and spread videolamer like the plague of well crafted journalism that is it.


  1. Matt said on October 18, 2006:

    Adam Sessler has been on The View! Oh God, that’s hilarious. At least you don’t have that prestigious award, Jay. "First Gamer to be Eaten Alive by Barbara Walters" isn’t your style. I personally hate his X-play show, but his commentary on G4’s E3 coverage wasn’t too grating. And I’m not talking about the voice-over stuff. That shit is horrible. I’m talking about the round-tables they had, where they acted serious. As they said, they wanted to add a whole mess of people to that list but couldn’t, so you may actually be 51. Here’s to you, Number 51!

  2. Galley said on October 19, 2006:

    Oh yea Sessler Sucks! His jokes are lame why don’t they just review games.

  3. Max said on October 22, 2006:

    checked the list over twice, and my name is not on it either.  Just shocking.

  4. Max said on October 22, 2006:

    p.s. I say we start a revolution.

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