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Video Game Proficiency Test

posted on May 4th, 2009 by cunzy1 1


Video Game Proficiency Test

Examination for Players

For the Following Qualifications:

Hardcore Player status, Bragging Rights.

Time Allowed: 13 minutes, 37 seconds





Below is a table of character match ups for the popular fighting game Street Fighter IV.

1a). Assuming two players of equal skill are playing each other. Player 1 chooses Ken. Player 2 chooses Ryu. What are the chances of player 2 winning three fights in a row?

1b). Player 3 is a veteran of this game series and is the world’s number 4 player. Her proficiency is such that she wins fights with any character at twice the normal predicted chance. Player 3 fights as Akuma and Player 1 fights as Chun-Li. What are the chances of Player 1 winning best of three?

1c). The experienced Player 3 is playing with a Mad Katz joystick which decreases the chance of winning by 50% due to the stick occasionally not working, buttons falling off as well as the fumes from the cheap plastic. She plays as Akuma against Player 2 as Blanka. What are the chances that Player 3 blames any losses on the joystick? And is the joystick contributing a statistically significant disadvantage (psychology aside)?



Look at the following sequence of numbers:

RE1, RE2, RE3……

2a) What are the next four numbers in this sequence (show your work).



Four websites review the game Concrete Space Man Shooter Hell 2 and give the following review scores:

Game Blob: 9/10

DREDGE Online: 6/10

Games©: 3 stars out of 5

Endocritique: 7/10

3a) Which of the above sites has clearly been paid a lot of money and site sponsorship to give a positive review?

3b) Which of the above sites will receive the most flaming from ignorant Americans who never even played the decidedly average first Concrete Space Man Shooter Hell?

3c) What score will the Escapist give it?



You and a bunch of gamer friends have gotten together for a weekend gaming session. Girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, internet girlfriends and children have all been placated or otherwise made busy for the two days. You have the following equipment:

PlayStation, PlayStation 2 (only reads blue disc games), Slimline PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox 360, two original PlayStation pads, a fatline PS2 multitap, three dualshock controllers, two dualshock 2 controllers, 3 Gamecube-GBA cables, three Gamecube controllers, two GBAs, three Wiimotes, two nunchuks, three Xbox 360 controllers and a Superscope.

4a) What is the maximum number of people who could play Micromachines V3 using the above equipment?

4b) Could you play Dino Crisis 3 with the above equipment?

4c) How many players could play Timesplitters 2 with the above equipment?

4d) How many players could play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles with the above equipment?

4e) What use is the PS3 for four players?



Choose one long essay statement from the below list:

5a) Final Fantasy VII is the worst Final Fantasy Game.
5b) The Pokemon series of games is the most successful RPG of all time.
5c) Xbox 360 is the most hardcore console.
5d) Tekken 6 will be the PS3’s killer app.




  1. Michelle said on May 5, 2009:

    Every single question made me laugh heartily, thank you 😉

    Special pedant award from me for question 4! Hahaha

  2. pat said on May 6, 2009:

    i also enjoyed this. i only hesitate to answer because of the inevitable ridicule that will follow once i try to claim that “code veronica” is a number.

  3. christian said on May 7, 2009:

    Code Veronica can be a number if we cheat.

    Code Veronica = CV = 105.

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