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Weekend post 5.26.06

posted on May 26th, 2007 by christian

Random thoughts to occupy you after Memorial Day weekend (none of you are reading this during the weekend, I can assure you).

– I’m finding it harder and harder to dispute that Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is not the greatest fighting game ever made. I’ll still give that to SF2 for now, but no matter how much I suck at Third Strike (and I do), I never load up the game without having fun, and I honestly feel like I play it smarter than most other fighters (prob. because it forces me too). I’m even starting to warm up to its poorer backgrounds. Who else wants to give this one some love?

– Jay has the staff working on a super secret project that, get this, no one is actually working on! Suffice to say it had me pulling out the Dreamcast to play some Sonic Adventure. I think its appropriate that SA was a launch game for the console, because the first level of the game defines the Dreamcast in my mind. Beautiful, smooth gameplay, fun music and blue skies. It offered promise for gaming’s future and it was impossible to oppose it. Shame it never actually worked out. I guess its also fitting then that Skies of Arcadia’s title screen concludes the Dreamcast for me.

– Odin Sphere is kicking my ass. I won’t give away much because it still to be reviewed, but this game changes the way RPGs should play simply by using a lot of common sense in its design.


  1. Matt said on May 26, 2007:

    Wait, Jay wants us to do something? Why was I not informed? Funny you should talk about the “blue skies” in Sonic Adventure. That was the point I felt that we were at a new generation in gaming. It was just so vibrant and clear. I never saw something so cool looking in the N64/PSX days. And that first level of Sonic is an awesome level. I play it every so often. The rest of the game isn’t the greatest, but… ya know.

  2. jay said on May 27, 2007:

    If the whole game were like that first level I’d have loved it.

  3. chud666 said on May 28, 2007:

    I love Sf3 3rd strike. I actually prefer Double Impact, but my dreamcast copy is pooched, so3r strike it is. DI had way cooler backgrounds and had that snk inspired changing stage art. But Dudley was unstoppable, so I guess its ok.

  4. christian said on May 28, 2007:

    I love Double impact as well, but I’ve always found myself doing slightly better in 3rd strike, so that’s that. I’m not quite sure why they changed the artwork either, rather than simply add to what already existed.

  5. don said on May 29, 2007:

    I agree on Sf3 3rd Strike 100%.

  6. DeeMer said on May 30, 2007:

    Odin Sphere is hard. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult. I’ve only put about three hours in, but I’m obsessing over not wasting my items. It is much to my detriment to do so.

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